Lambda Chi Alpha
Lambda Chi Alpha
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What Music Do Frat Guys Like?

Frat guys were once thought to be the Neanderthals on campus, particularly when it came to their cultural tastes. But you'd be surprised the kind of music you hear at fraternity parties today - it's often more Low End Theory than fratstep

To wrap our heads around what the bros are into, we talked to guys from six fraternities at Loyola Marymount University - after all, the school represents a good cross section of college students today; elite kids and scholarship kids alike. 

Keep in mind we're generalizing, and every guy in every house is different. But, based on our interviews with them, conversations with co-eds, and personal experience, these are the kinds of music the different houses more or less prefer when they're getting down. 

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Mary Grace Cerni

Sigma Chi
These guys tend to frequent events like FYF and even have a "music appreciation" phase of their pledge process. Often considered the "hipster" fraternity, they're also quite fashion forward: one member even has his own line of above-the-knee shorts
Favorite Genre: Rap and alt-rock throwbacks
Some of their favorite artists: Blink-182, Notorious B.I.G., Outkast, Dr. Dre, and Taking Back Sunday
What their parties are like: At their rowdy ragers and lower-key shindigs you'll hear everything from Justin Timberlake to the Black Lips.
What the brothers have to say:
"We had a party, and I played 'My Love' by Justin Timberlake in the flip cup room.  That just totally changed everything. It's some sexy shit, but it's also a banger."
"As a fraternity we are very passionate about music, that's certain to me. But I don't know if you could pin it down as, 'This is what they do and don't listen to.'"
"There are small things you can do to create that really perfect fuckin' atmosphere at a party. It's just as simple as knowing the right music to play, and changing the fuckin' lightbulbs, and then you have, like, a really really good party."

Sigma Phi Epsilon
Sigma Phi Epsilon tend to dominate all-Greek sports competitions, but they're also involved in service organizations and student government. Hence they're known as Renaissance men.
Favorite Genre: What you'd hear at a Vegas club - top 40 with a twist
Some of their favorite artists: Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, Avicii
What their parties are like: It depends, but you might hear Ke$ha, or eclectic remixes of popular radio songs. Oh, and "Remix to Ignition" by R Kelly is never left out. 
What the brothers have to say:
 "If it's at a party, it's definitely gonna be more upbeat, pop mainstream. And then some hip-hop, but not too obscure. Stuff that everyone hears on the radio, like iTunes top 100."
"We're into Vegas."

What Music Do Frat Guys Like?EXPAND
Courtesy of David Griffith

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
The men of Kappa Alpha Psi, a historically Black fraternity, share a love of music and dance. A couple members are aspiring hip-hop artists. 
Favorite Genre: Hip-hop
Some of their favorite artists: Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, YG, and Ty$
What their parties are like: Sometimes held at clubs in L.A., Kappa parties are centered on dancing more so than drinking. The "strolls," or synchronized, expressive dances, are always a highlight.  
What the brothers have to say: 
"When we stroll, [hip-hop] is the type of music we stroll to, because it has a strong beat. Culturally you know, it's something we all have in common. We all grew up with [hip-hop], so it brings us together."
"If we throw a party, we'll play more music that's not as wordy. When we're hanging out, we'll listen to rappers with lyrics that will make you think."

What Music Do Frat Guys Like?
Courtesy of David Misner

Beta Theta Pi
The men of Beta are considered sweethearts - just ask the sorority ladies on campus. Also, one of their members is a co-founder of a non-profit that delivers lunches and care packages to homeless people on Skid Row. 
Favorite Genre: EDM
Some of their favorite artists: Martin Garrix, UZ, Zedd, Caked Up and Diplo
What their parties are like: There's always a dance floor, lasers that pulse, and a designated DJ with a well-curated playlist.  
What the brothers have to say: 
"A lot of our guys really enjoy throwing parties, and getting pumped up. They're very energetic. So I think [EDM] parallels that a bit. It's hyped-up music."

What Music Do Frat Guys Like?
Courtesy of Charles Acosta

Sigma Lambda Beta
As a historically Latino fraternity, Sigma Lambda Beta is a tight-knit, exclusive group that values brotherhood and respects cultural unity and diversity. 
Favorite Genre: A split between hip-hop and Latin music
Some of their favorite artists: Tyga, Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi, Prince Royce, Aventura, and Don Omar
What their parties are like: They often get together with their brothers at UCLA or USC to party. And depending on the crowd, they'll make sure to mix in some Latin jams with popular hip-hop bangers; they also like strong beats to stroll to. 
What the brothers have to say: 
"Sometimes we'll have parties open to everyone - the entire student bodies - or just parties with other sororities or fraternities that come from the same background as us."

Lambda Chi Alpha
Lambda Chi Alpha
Courtesy of Kyle Burch

Lambda Chi Alpha
If this group of fun-loving dudes were a band, they'd be called the Cowboys of So-Cal. They seem to be especially tight, especially when they start belting "Wagon Wheel" simultaneously. 
Favorite Genre: Country
Some of their favorite artists: Florida Georgia Line, Toby Keith, Zac Brown Band, and Luke Brian
What their parties are like: Sometimes lively, sometimes laid back. But there will always be a country anthem playing by the end of the night. 
What the brothers have to say: 
"Kenny Chesney was a Lambda Chi. In his song 'Keg in the Closet,' he says, 'Right there on that Lambda Chi porch...' and we always get pumped about that."

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