What 78-Year-Old Woman Beat Lady Gaga and Britney to the Top of the Billboard Dance Chart? (And It Was Her 6th Consecutive #1)

Earlier this month, Billboard announced that someone had beaten the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and every high-profile DJ you know (yes, even Tiesto!) to the top position on their Dance Music chart.

That someone was a 78-year-old woman.

The track in question was called "Move on Fast," which this lady had originally recorded in 1972.

Oh, but there's more: this was her 6th consecutive #1 Dance hit in the 21st century.

Let that sink in for a second. Oh, no--we're not lying to you.

Can you guess who it was?


- She turned 78 last February.

- She's been active since the '60s.

- The original version of "Move On Fast" was recorded in 1972.

Still stumped? (don't Google cheat!)

The answer is...


Yup, we told you last year that Yoko's star-studded show at the Orpheum was one of the most amazing music gigs we had seen, and we even wrote a little essay on how everyone should listen to her, because, well--she's amazing (ask Lady Gaga).

But we didn't know then that Yoko had been quietly taking over the Dance Charts with a series of originals and remixes of her old songs.


Right now, Yoko is busy in NYC organizing a series of events to help her birthland of Japan. Check out details here.


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