West Coast Sound Acquires DailyMichaelJackson.com, DailyMJ.com (Sigh)

Sigh. We all know it's true: The dang Michael Jackson story isn't going to go away anytime this century. For the next generation or two, we will be lapping up information on The King of Pop, the Family of the King of Pop, the Nanny of the King of Pop, The Surrogate Mother of the King of Pop, and so on.

It is with this stark and sudden reality, faced with the uncertain economic future, that West Coast Sound announces the acquisition of two new domain names: DailyMichaelJackson.com and DailyMJ.com. Bear with us: we've just now purchased these domains, and are in the planning stages of the launch. For now, though, a little of what to expect in the next, um, decade:

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Sigh. Wish us luck.


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