Janelle Monae, space diva
Janelle Monae, space diva

Watch: KCRW Presents Space Diva Janelle Monae on Morning Becomes Eclectic Today

Today, KCRW continues their series of live shows from esteemed producer Bob Clearmountain's Berkeley Street Studio with an incendiary performance by the genre-blending diva, Janelle Monae.

The show was taped in front of a live audience of about 100 and crackled with the energy from Monae's electric stage presence, her stratospherically soaring voice and that hair, which reaches to the heavens (the Sampson-like source of her tremendous vocal power?).

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To simply call this soul or R&B does a disservice to Monae's sound and vision. She's a little bit of everything.

At times, she channels James Brown's foot work, dishes out David Bowie's theatrics, and leads her extremely tight band like a rocker. But all comparisons fall short with her -- Monae is something all her own.

Listen for yourself, when the show airs today at 11:15 am on Morning Becomes Eclectic with Jason Bentley.

But when it comes to Monae, seeing is believing. Here's the full video of her performance and Jason Bentley's interview.

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