Video Premiere: Sister Crayon's "(in) Reverse"

West Coast Sound is pleased to premiere the video debut of Sacramento-based Manimal Vinyl act Sister Crayon. "(in) Reverse" comes from the four-piece's upcoming Bellow LP, due out in June. The Robert Ascroft-directed short was shot in Northern California.

Sister Crayon performs in L.A. on Saturday, March 6 at Pehrspace with Manimal affiliate Tearist, and also on Monday, March 8 at the Echo with labelmates Alexandra Hope and Corridor. After the jump, Sister Crayon singer Terra Lopez weighs in on the video.

West Coast Sound exchanged a handful of emails with the affable Miss Lopez about her band's first video. We've collected the highlights below.

On moving in reverse:

"Making the video was a bit surreal. I had to learn our song backwards at a speed of three-times faster because Robert wanted to do some reverse tricks to the video in editing. We wanted it to look natural so in order to do that, I had to learn how to sing the song backwards. I studied the song for about two weeks and was able to get it, but it was definitely one of the hardest things I've had to do musically."

On the making of:

"We were pretty intimidated because Robert and Jill [Roy, producer] have such a great reputation, and we're just a few kids from Sacramento, but they were really down to earth. Plus, we were able to get our friends involved. Two friends did our makeup and another allowed us to shoot on his 80 acres in the Georgetown forest. It was such a beautiful place to shoot. We were particularly drawn to the burnt out log location because it felt so dark and empty."

On the concept:

"Since it is our first video, we didn't want a huge storyline. People can take what they want from it. Some have said they see it as my bandmates have been hurt and I am the culprit. We kind of like that idea but it's all up to whoever sees it. The song itself is mostly about a disorder that i have called synesthesia, which causes me to see sound and numbers in color. I just found out that I had it about three years ago."


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