Urban Nomad Interviews World Fusion DJ Cheb i Sabbah: Belly Dancing, Spiritual Change and Helping People Remove their Gang-Related Tattoos

Urban Nomad, the gregarious Jeremiah Alexis, will be shooting exclusive video for LA Weekly. Make sure you check out the previous installments here.

Follow The URBAN NOMAD as he delves into the world of electronic music and belly dancing with legendary DJ, producer, and global spiritualist, Cheb i Sabbah . Sabbah deejays for a special event, Zulu Lounge, that is in collaboration with a charity called "Erase the Past". The charity is focused on helping ex-gang members get a second chance on life by removing their gang-affiliation tattoos.

See the exclusive interview where Sabbah speaks to the evolution of music, and talks about his personal experiences of working with greats such as world renowned trumpet player, Don Cherry, and the obstacles of recording his world-famous Arab and Berber mixed tracks. Sabbah also shares his views on music as a "weapon".

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Check in next week for another LA Weekly exclusive with The URBAN NOMAD when he interviews New York's Semi Precious Weapons.


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