King Louie's Missing Monuments
King Louie's Missing Monuments

Tonight: King Louie's Missing Monuments, Andy C, the sweet sounds of your digestive tract

Good morning. We know there is quite possibly some tryptophan in your future, and we're here to help. Because a Thursday night is a terrible thing to waste, especially sitting on the couch in the company your television set.

New Orleans quartet King Louie's Missing Monuments are here to help. And by here, we mean the Prospector in Long Beach, which according to our concert calendars was one of the few venues considerate enough to book music on Thanksgiving night.

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The Missing Monuments make rip-roaring garage pop, with hooks and more hooks and a side order of King Louie's raspy, anxious vocals. He and bandmates Julien Fried, Bennett Bartley and Aaron Curtis Hill have ties to bunch of the power-pop vinyl geeks seem to eat up: the Alex Chilton-produced Royal Pendletons, the Jay Reatard side project the Bad Times, the Exploding Hearts and a bunch of others.

They have a single out on Douchemaster Records (!), an album in the works and some Turkey Day desserts planned with O.C.'s Death Hymn Number 9.

We'll have another helping, please.

Elsewhere: Drum & bass rules at the House of Blues, where Andy C -- the DJ and the head honcho at RAM Records -- heads up a dance night featuring Bryan Gee and MC Armanni Reign.


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