Corey Nickols

Tonight: Filter, the Hold Steady, Juliette Commagere, Radars to the Sky, Black Mountain, the Beth Hart Band

It's been 15 years since Filter scored its big hit with "Hey Man, Nice Shot," and a year and half since Richard Patrick passed that signpost of career middle age by releasing a greatest-hits compilation.

He must've thought there was still some rockin' to do -- or he heard the whispers that he'd gone soft after 2008's politically charged Anthems for the Damned -- because Filter's new release, The Trouble With Angels, flexes the 1990s muscle that briefly had industrial music heads uttering Filter's name right after Nine Inch Nails.

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Except for a couple songs that might be construed as bids for radio airplay, the Trouble With Angels is pretty relentless, its hard-charging guitars dueling with Patrick's agonized vocals amid explosions of percussion. The single "The Inevitable Relapse" raised some eyebrows -- Patrick famously went clean in 2002, but he has said the new single is about love, not rehab.

The band's co-founder Brian Liesegang is long gone; Patrick now works with a lineup featuring ex-Korn axeman Rob Patterson, drummer Mika Fineo and bassist Phil Buckman.

They'll have it turned up to 11 tonight at the Roxy, in a rather appropriate way to kick off the weekend of the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Elsewhere: The Hold Steady, supported by Sub Pop fun bunch Jaill, play the Glass House in Pomona. ... Radars to the Sky celebrates the release of their new album Supra/Infra at Spaceland (the Henry Clay People surface to play the late set). ... And Juliette Commagere, whose sophomore album The Procession comes out Oct. 26 on Manimal, headlines the Echo.

Also: Black Mountain at the Bootleg Theater; the Beth Hart Band at the Whisky; Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Gibson Amphitheatre; Purple Melon at the Viper Room; Amando Jo Williams at the Mountain Bar; the Franks and Lord Huron at the Downtown Independent Theater after the screening of The Scenesters; Relax to Paris, the Ivy Walls and Fight From Above at the Troubadour; Spirit Animal at the Redwood; Vaud & the Villains at the Echoplex; Incan Abraham and the Lonely Wild at the Silverlake Lounge; Josh Tatum at the Hotel Cafe; Learning Music at Echo Curio; Frank Sinatra Jr. at Catalina Bar & Grill; Y & T at the Key Club; and Lucinda Williams at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.


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