TONIGHT at A Club Called Rhonda: Big Freedia and NGUZUNGUZU Offer Some Serious BOUNCE

EDITOR'S NOTE: We messed up last week and told you that the Big Freedia show was last then when it's in fact TONIGHT -- Wednesday -- at El Cid. Sorry. Tonight's better anyway.

So we've been on a New Orleans kick lately, and we're not sure why. Happenstance? Quirk? Boredom?

Oh wait, here's one reason why:

Galactic is playing the El Rey tomorrow night, which is great. Their new album, Ya-Ka-My, is in regular rotation around the West Coast Sound bunker.

That's one reason. And then there's Big Freedia, who's guesting with Galactic. She's also gigging tonight at El Cid as part of A Club Called Rhonda. Who the fuh is Big Freedia? Well, if you didn't see our post a few weeks back, we'll elucidate more after the jump. BUT WAIT. What about NGUZUNGUZU, who are also on tonight's Rhonda bill?

Well, despite the fact they hate us for something one of our freelancers wrote two years ago about their awesome club (get over it ... it was a one-time, 200 word piece by a freelancer, and we took the damn thing down), we can't not recommend amazing unsung LA beat freaks NGUZUNGUZU, who are doing a DJ set. Don't know NGUZUNGUZU?

Check this fantastic mix out:



01 Sticky "Jumeirah Riddim"

02 Sticky "Jumeirah Riddim Sequel"

03 Footsteps "Baby Kinta"

04 Rishi Romero "African Forest (Original Mix)"

05 Makency DJ "Wao"

06 DJ Eridson "Hino Batucada"

07 Nguzunguzu "El Bebe Ambiente"

08 Debo "Helter Skelter"

09 DJ Pesado and DJ Fofuxo "Sirene"

10 Puto X feat. Maskarado "Quen E Que Mana Ai MP"

11 Nguzunguzu "What Dance?"

12 Baobina and I.D. "Mandown"

13 DJ Boda "Tááá BááTÃ-Ã-Ã-rr R"

14 Bok Bok "Whole World Changing 4X4"

15 DJ Pesado and DJ Marfox "Gerentologia"

16 DJ Corlando "Passa Passa (Kingdom Remix)

17 DJ Du Marcel "Tribal Sound"

18 DJ MA1 "I'm Right Here feat. Sophia"

19 Nguzunguzu "Got You"

20 Mike V "Feelings"

21 Basement Jaxx "Flylife"


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