These grimaces will help you score mad '80s chicks
These grimaces will help you score mad '80s chicks

Today in the '80s: Totally Helpful Advice on the Right Facial Expressions You Need to Make While Breakdancing

The '80s--they are back. Or they never left. Or they said they were going out for cigarettes but after a while you said to yourself "wait--the '80s don't smoke" and realized they had ran off with some slut.

The '80s.

Can't get enough of them.

And now we've dug up a little video where a helpful, eager gentleman walks you through all the appropriate expressions you need to make while "breakdancing" (i.e., that new "Urban" dance that's sweeping the nation).

Watch and become "a player" (i.e., a successful potential mate to discerning ladies):


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