This Week in LA Music: Stuff You Might Have Learned When Not Obsessing About the Election

This Week in LA Music: Stuff You Might Have Learned When Not Obsessing About the Election

1. Lina Lecaro breaks the story of Jason Shapiro's suit against Swede garage-fellas the Hives. It seems their "Tick Tick Boom" from this year's Get Smart soundtrack sounds suspiciously like his band the Roofies' "Why You?" Same opening riff, same bridge. But ... that's a pretty universal riff.

2. Foot Village unveils new album in state-of-the-art "cassette" technology. Deerhunter follows suit a few days later.

3. LA-born maxi-label Warner Brothers Records celebrates 50 years of greatness (no really -- just ignore the last five years) with big-ass book and copy-protected 320 song USB flash drive of highlights. Yes, it includes Foghat's "Slow Ride."

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4. Soul-Sides' Oliver Wang assesses Robin Thicke's new album: "Compared to Solange Knowles’ likable but transparently retro-soul outing or Jennifer Hudson’s surprisingly sterile and inert debut, Thicke showcases what a mature, self-assured command of style can achieve: an album of protean sounds and moods, tied together through a voice that can speak loudest when it whispers."

5. Hank III questions Hootie's country credentials: "I'm not knocking Hootie and the Blowfish -- but he made a record, turned it in, they said, “It's too country but if you do this and this, we'll guarantee you a number one hit song and you'll have this amount of records sold.” He did that and did this and sure enough, he has a number one song. Never been a country artist until now and he'll probably be at the new CMA awards. So it just goes to show you it's a machine, you've got to play along to get ahead and if you don't play along, you're an outcast.

6. Part Time Punks announce the first annual post-punk fest.

7. KLF: Yes, oh yes, "3 a.m. Eternal."

8. Until the Light Takes Us, a new black metal documentary, premieres at AFI Fest.


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