Playing with their food.
Playing with their food.

The Vegetable Orchestra Plays With Their Food

Everyone knows that there are two great things about Thanksgiving: 1.) You get to jam an ungodly amount of miscellaneous foodstuff into your foodhole. 2.) You get to make musical instruments out of the leftovers. Not your family tradition, you say? Well, food music is more than a tradition for Austria's Vegetable Orchestra who make music from delicious plant matter. To these avant-gourde (see what I did here?) musicians, veggies are an artform. The biggest surprise? The music is pretty great, and the stew they make from all the vegetables afterward is reportedly rather tasty too.

If you would like to learn to jam on a carrot flute or play the pumpkin bongos, here is a short documentary on about the Vegetable Orchestra, who take playing with their food to the next level:

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