The One Am Radio's "Brittle Filament" and some feedback on Elv(e)rum

LA musician and a longtime acquaintance of mine, Hrishikesh Hirway, just sent me a private message about my Phil Elverum series of posts.

Hi Alec,

Another wrinkle to your post on the Microphones. Phil also inexplicably and subtly changed his last name, from Elvrum to Elverum.


Interestingly, Hirway is just the kind of musician who comes to mind when I think about the example Elverum has set for how to make one's way in the world. Hirway, who releases most of his music under the name One AM Radio, makes music that is extremely fragile, yet the context in which he plays his shows is often that of hardcore bands and the DIY scene.

The One AM Radio's video "A Brittle Filiment" was a recent YouTube hit, and a wonderful introduction to Hirway's thing:

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