Don't even try to imagine the Melvins dancing.
Don't even try to imagine the Melvins dancing.

The Melvins Get Dubstepped on Scion AV Remix EP [+ free MP3]

Most bands don't last a quarter century, and the bands that make do it that long seldom have any daring left in them. But most bands aren't the Melvins. After 26 years, the Melvins continue to defy expectations, this time with a 5-song EP Scion A/V Remix album of their song "Electric Flower." The song from their recent full length The Bride Screamed Murder has been filtered through pulsating electro, uptempo dance jams, and bowel shaking dubstep, taking the Melvins into uncharted territory. The EP will be available online Sept 21st, and CDs and 12" vinyl will be available at select Scion events begining August 9th.

Like with their art and film projects, the album further proves that the Melvins are inspiration and a catalyst for creativity. Upon first listen, metalheads surely will decry the neutering of the Melvins' headbanging sludge-rockers, but that seems to be the point. Pissing fans off is punk rock, and allowing Lovelock to turn their fuzztastic song into an fist pumping, 80's-style rock anthem will do just the trick. After all, the Melvins' experimental, noisy remix collection Chicken Switch was a sound to be expected, but thumping kick drums, bouncing hi-hats and buzzsaw bass? That is a surprise.


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