The Lady Tigra Debuts a Classic of the 2008 Campaign at Spaceland

Last night at Obama-rama, a fundraiser at Spaceland in Silver Lake, The Lady Tigra and Le C (King Crab) debuted their new track "First Black, First Lady." It's a celebration of this moment in history, a shout, an affirmation, a rallying cry: "Black first lady! First black, first lady!" goes the chorus as the pair rhyme about Michelle and Barack Obama and the potential of not only the first black president, but the first first lady, as well. By the end of the song the two are chanting, "Everybody in the White House!"

Also performing at the show were: The Bird and The Bee, Willoughby, The Polyamorus Affair, Wolfkin, Hard Place and DJ Lance Rock.

(Thanks to Spaceland Recordings for tip.)

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At the Show: The Lady Tigra [Obama-rama in Spaceland] - "First Black, First Lady" from Spaceland Recordings on Vimeo.


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