Jim Jones
Christian Clarke

The Jim Jones Revue - The Viper Room - April 26, 2014

The Jim Jones Revue
The Viper Room
April 26, 2014 

No one puts on a show like The Jim Jones Revue. 

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The British outfit is touring on the release of their third album, Savage Heart, and at the Viper Room on Saturday showed that rock 'n roll should be about as subtle as a bordello knife fight.

Jim Jones
Christian Clarke

When the curtain pulled back, the group stormed out and performed their first song, "Where Da Money Go." 

Jim Jones
Christian Clarke

They played with an air of desperate urgency.  There was no shoe gazing. There was no slouching over ironic t-shirts and untied tennis shoes. 

There were nattily dressed dueling guitarsman (Rupert Orton and Jim Jones), boogie woogie piano (Henri Herbert), and a stellar rhythm section - Nick Jones on drums, and Gavin Jay on bass. Jones' vocals could be described as Jerry Lee Lewis meets Iggy Pop meets AC/DC.

They grinded out furious barnburners off their first two albums, and picked up maracas and tambourines for their latest songs, "7 Times Around the Sun" and "Collision Boogie."

They didn't leave the stage for the encore, and brought the guitars blazing again for "Dishonest John." They closed the set in a swell of guitar feedback with "Princess & The Frog."  

The Viper Room, packed to capacity, felt like the right venue for the group.

Set list below:

Rupert OrtonEXPAND
Rupert Orton
Christian Clarke

Set List:

1. Where Da Money Go
2. Never Let You Go
3. Shoot First
4. Burning Your House Down
5. Gotta Be About Me
6. Chain Gang
7. Righteous Wrong
8. Times Around The Sun
9. Cement Mixer
10. Rock N Roll Psychosis
11. Killin' Spree
12. Collision Boogie
13. Who's Got Mine?

13. Dishonest John
14. 512
15. Elemental
16. High Horse
17. Princess & the Frog

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