The Hidden Pleasures of Coachella, Part I: Linton Kwesi Johnson

One of the pleasant little surprises of this year's festival is the arrival of Jamaican born, British-bred poet Linton Kwesi Johnson. He made his mark beginning in London in the 1970s, teaming with totally underrated British producer Dennis Bovell on some classic records for Chris Blackwell's budding Island Records imprint. Being in London, the team played the same clubs as the punks, and were soon working with them. Bovell produced a lot of the early Slits stuff, as well as the Pop Group and Orange Juice. Johnson's classics, 1980's Bass Culture and LKJ in Dub are deep, rich, bass heavy examinations. Alas, I'm pretty sure that Bovell isn't making the trip with Johnson, but still, as you're trying to decide your Coachella days, consider a real life poet, rather than some poseur.


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