Lady Robotika, nekkid
Lady Robotika, nekkid

The Go-Go's Jane Wiedlin Becomes Sexy Comics Heroine

Blame KISS.

Billboard reports that Jane Wiedlin, now a NorCal resident but forever associated with the sunny SoCal Go-Go's, will become a sexy comic-book heroine called Lady Robotika.

The namesake comic book, a collaboration with Simpsons' artist Bill "No, I'm not Grant" Morrison "stars Wiedlin herself as a rocker who is abducted by aliens, experimented on in her sleep, and transformed into a cyborg. Lady Robotika then becomes a super-powered heroine, defending the planet's slave class against its evil Emperor."

This Marxist fantasia will be unveiled at this year's Comic-Con, after Wiedlin's farewell tour with the Go-Go's and it will include a CD of new music apparently recorded in the Lady Robotika persona.

This is not Wiedlin's first experience as a fantasy character, however. Look:


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