Early Graves - see August 6th
Early Graves - see August 6th
Jordan Goldstein

The Best Los Angeles Metal Shows to See in August

Saturday, August 2nd
Morbid Saint
The Black Castle
Editor's Note: This show has been "indefinitely postponed."

Monday, August 4th
Night Demon
Five Star Bar
The 2012 self-titled EP from L.A. trio Night Demon is a blistering slab of classic metal that will appeal to fans of pioneering British acts like Judas Priest and Diamond Head. The group brings it in the live setting as well, and they would have fit perfectly onto the great live ‘80s metal albums recorded at London’s legendary Hammersmith Odeon.
Wednesday, August 6th
Early Graves
Five Star Bar
Bay Area hardcore group Early Graves unleashed a cacophonous barrage of anger and brute force on their 2012 release Red Horse. Vocalist John Strachan – stepping in after the passing of original singer Makh Daniels in 2010 – shreds his throat with maximum conviction. They continue to be one of the most venomous forces in heavy music today.

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Thursday, August 7th
Primitive Man
Five Star Bar
Marijuana may be legal in Colorado, but as long as Denver's Primitive Man keeps pumping out their caustic brand of sludgy doom, mellows will continue to be harshed. Destruction, depression, and general misanthropy infect the trio’s 2013 debut Scorn. Whether the band is slowing things down to a crawl or busting out a short burst of fast-paced clatter, the pace is simply punishing.

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Saturday, August 9th
This Boston quintet plays all varieties of doom metal: The lurching death-doom pioneered by acts like Winter, as well as the low-end sludge of greats like Crowbar. The group’s debut album The Departure of Consciousness was released last week. Many influences are present, but the quintet shows great talent at twisting familiar sounds into something unique.

Friday, August 15th
Gravecode Nebula
Five Star Bar
On their 2013 debut Sempiternal Void, Salt Lake City’s Gravecode Nebula dabble in a disorienting whirlwind of doomy black metal that is wrapped in a psychedelic shell, of the “bad trip” variety. Nothing released so far in 2014 has scared us as much as this record. Song titles like “The Frozen Sun (Does Not Support Life)” are emblematic of the group’s approach. 

Wednesday, August 27th
Los Globos
More than 20 years in, this Rhode Island hardcore act remains one of the angriest forces in music. The group’s politically-charged crust-punk remains a blueprint for many grindcore acts that have come in their wake. Very few songs last longer than a minute, but the amount of rage packed into their outbursts is exhaustive. We expect this show to inspire one of the most violent mosh pits of the year.

Sunday, August 31st
This show will be stoner-doom greats Sleep's most intimate in L.A. since their 2009 reunion. The group’s single-song magnum opus Dopesmoker remains a key cornerstone of the subgenre. If they dare to perform all 63 minutes of it at this show, don't expect the Troubadour to remain standing.

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