Warpaint -- See Saturday
Warpaint -- See Saturday
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Friday, October 11

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Los Tres Marks: Money Mark, Mark de Clive-Lowe, DJ Nu-Mark


For Subsuelo's Los Tres Marks event, three of the most daring and experimental musicians -- all named Mark -- come together to dismantle and then reassemble hip-hop, funk, soul and ferociously rare vintage keyboards and even children's toys, too. Jurassic 5 alum Nu-Mark has an entire set augmented by noisemaking toddler toys -- you'll never look at Fisher-Price the same way again -- while producer and polymath de Clive-Lowe will be insta-building his own live remixes. And Money Mark? Based on his history with Delicious Vinyl, Dust Brothers and The Beastie Boys, he'll probably burst out of a glowing Close Encounters UFO with a vintage Optigan strapped to his waist and proceed to deploy the funk. Plus: Anyone named Mark gets in for free! So, uh, mark your calendars. --Chris Ziegler

The Dogs


The Dogs were punk rock before the term even existed, forming in 1969 in Lansing, Mich., where they were inspired by such high-energy forebears as The Stooges and The MC5. But when The Dogs headed West, relocating to Hollywood in the mid-1970s, their songs became shorter, faster and meaner, anticipating the punk revolution that was right around the corner. The trio has been performing live off and on ever since, although lead singer/guitarist Loren Molinare still plays with hard-rockers Little Caesar and bassist Mary Kay is a member of Kanary. The Dogs have been around long enough to appear on bills with AC/DC, Guns N' Roses and Television, but only a few punk bands can honestly claim that they've torn it up onstage with Sid Vicious, as The Dogs once did at the Whisky. --Falling James

KT Tunstall


It's hard to stand out in a sonic landscape where singer songwriters are a penny a dozen, especially when armed only with an acoustic guitar. But for the past decade, Kate Victoria Tunstall, better known as KT Tunstall, has defied the odds. Tunstall's breakout track, 2005's "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree," still gets radio play and her stronghold on contemporary folk rock is monumental, as exemplified by her most recent release, Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon. Taking on a more Western theme, the album has been critically acclaimed for its natural, digestible sound, which maintains Tunstall's heartfelt melodies and eloquent lyrics. Tunstall has spoken of her sharpened sense of mortality after the death of her father while she was recording the LP, saying the experience inspired the album's delicacy. --Britt Witt

Saturday, October 12

Pet Shop Boys


Throughout their 32 years of activity, Pet Shop Boys have sold an impressive 50 million records worldwide and collaborated with heavyweights including David Bowie, Elton John, Liza Minnelli and Madonna, among an array of talented others. After 28 years with the label Parlophone, the U.K.-based pop mega duo released its 12th studio LP, Electric, on Kobalt Records in July. Of this album, the Boys -- Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe -- explained: "Our latest album often evolves as a response to our previous album and, whereas Elysium had a reflective mood, Electric is pretty banging!" Tonight's show, one of the last stops on the group's current tour, will without a doubt be a banging good time. --Jacqueline Michael Whatley



Warpaint are fairly popular in England, where they often appear in music polls and on magazine covers, but the quartet got their start here in L.A.. No matter. Their sparkling reveries aren't limited by geographic boundaries, although there are some commonalities with British hazy-pop bands like Cocteau Twins. War-paint's chansons seem to float freely over this world and move directly into the land of dreams, with guitarist Theresa Wayman and bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg spinning a silky web of luminescent riffs around lead singer Emily Kokal's ethereal cooing. It's an often-bewitching combination that has fans breathlessly awaiting the long-overdue follow-up to Warpaint's one full-length album, 2010's The Fool. Spooky Welsh songstress Cate le Bon opens. Also at the Glass House Friday, Oct. 11. --Falling James

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Sunday, October 13

Primal Scream


Primal Scream have always been most comfortable exploring the boundary between rock and rave, although that also means the group's sound is regularly stranded in the purgatory between good and weird. Ever since 1991's game-changing Screamadelica, the output of these groovy Scottish psychedelists has been both catchy and less than fully formed. Throughout 10 albums and 30 years together, the guys' sonic focus has constantly shifted, resulting in gospel crooners and sexy babymakers, drug-droppers and floor-stompers. The band's status changes as often as the songs do, which makes being a fan both frustrating and addictive. But with May's captivating More Light, Primal Scream once again are more interesting than maddening. The album contains sultry lounge melodies, dreamy glam-rock and stylish if still nonsensical lyrics, with all of these elements coming together for yet another surreal trip. --Kelsey Whipple

Guitar Wolf, The Coathangers


They've been called the world's loudest band, they've been called robots, and they've in fact been called far worse things. Regardless, Tokyo's garage kings reign supreme. Guitar Wolf stars Seiji (Guitar Wolf) on vocals and guitar, Toru (Drum Wolf) on the drums, and U.G. (Bass Wolf) on, that's right, bass and vocals. They wear black leather and wraparounds like a buncha biker tuffs as they lay total waste to your preconceived notions about the "right" way to play this old corndog thing called rock & roll. Feel the shock of this radical trio when they slam out their wicked '50s-grease/'90s punk-rock herkajerk and consider the possibility that guitarist Seiji is either the most rock-incorrect or, more likely, the single greatest ax slinger in the entire history of the genre. It's possible. Also: Atlanta's nu-riot grrrls The Coathangers. --John Payne

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