See Tuesday: Boy George
See Tuesday: Boy George
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Monday, April 28

Teeny Lieberson is best known as a former member of Here We Go Magic, but for the past three years she's exuded a different brand of magic in Teen, the indie-pop band she formed in Brooklyn with her sisters, Lizzie and Katherine. Their new single, "Tied Up Tied Down," is an homage to Pedro Almodóvar's similarly titled film, with Teeny breathily cooing the title like a sensual mantra as her sisters serenade her with breezy harmonies and spacey keyboards. "Maybe I've mastered the art of being left behind," Teeny admits, "careful to leave any trace of being unkind." The song pauses for a beat, and then the sisters' shimmering waves of vocals return to lift Teeny again above the emotional clouds in a most spellbinding fashion. - Falling James

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Tuesday, April 29

Boy George
Boy George, the iconic, gender-bending vocalist for the universally appealing '80s group Culture Club, releases his first album of original material in almost two decades with This Is What I Do. Never one for musical restriction, Boy George dabbles with lazy, horn-laced reggae on "Live Your Life," loose rock riffs on "My God" and country laments on "It's Easy," then wipes the floor with Lana Del Rey on his soul-drenched version of "Video Games." While the sentiments come from a "happy place," according to Boy George, there is a pervasive sadness in his tremor-filled tones. That smoky voice is Boy George's timeless signature, which has grown even deeper and richer with time. Also Wednesday, April 30, at the Mayan. - Lily Moayeri

Franz Ferdinand
While the veteran Glaswegian post - pop-rockists did their bit to reaffirm the glories of British guitar music, their output in recent times has shown an inclination to move beyond all that - and then to come back to it. Their brand of post-punk revivalism, often dissed for being a tad "chameleonic," has long infused myriad influences, from the Merseyside bands of the '60s and grungy bar-band noise to rap-rock and electronic dance, the latter pulling them a little astray on their electro-tinged 2009 album, Tonight. Happily, their powerhouse live spectacle features several tracks from their latest album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, a satisfyingly straightforward batch of poppy janglers that stand tall next to Franz Ferdinand's prized hits from the early days. - John Payne

Wednesday, April 30

Unsung Heroes: A Celebration ?of Eleni Mandell
Although local singer-songwriter Eleni Mandell crafts the most invitingly melodic and radio-friendly hooks in a variety of genres (pop, folk, country, jazz), she remains stubbornly marooned in the underground scene, if only because there's no real music industry anymore to bring her to wider attention. Inara George, Mandell's collaborator in folk-pop group The Living Sisters, has decided to hurry fate and destiny along by curating the first of three nights where underrated songwriters like Mandell are spotlighted. Tonight, George covers Mandell's tunes, alongside such peers as Gus Seyffert and Mike Andrews. Making the night even more interesting is an appearance by Jackson Browne, one of the few musicians from the classic-rock generation to have the heart and curiosity to search out and cherish an underappreciated songwriter like Mandell. - Falling James

Thursday, May 1

The Horrors
The Horrors were never the kind of band to do what anyone expected. Their 2007 debut smothered garage-punk substance beneath makeup and hairspray and shtick to match. But they blew out of that cartoonish scene with 2010 follow-up Primary Colours, which found crucial inspiration in record-collector classics like Can and Loop, revealing the matured Horrors as dynamic, daring and extremely literate. (Turns out they destroyed live, too.) They've been moving in new directions ever since, finding a lush, synthesizer-fueled sound on upcoming album Luminous. Now the Horrors are pop like The Psychedelic Furs, psychedelic like The Stone Roses, and limitlessly euphoric like Krautrock mainstay Michael Rother ... because after all this time, they're still digging the deep cuts. - Chris Ziegler

Be sure to check out our constantly updated concert calendar!

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