See Tuesday: Jenny Hval
See Tuesday: Jenny Hval

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Monday, April 7

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Mystic Braves, Froth
Underneath that bridge where Sunset crosses Glendale in Echo Park is a little storefront called Lolipop Records, and if at night you ever see strange lights or hear funny sounds there, don't worry - there's probably just a band inside, reinventing teenage psychedelic rock for yet another wild-eyed new generation. Latest on deck are Mystic Braves, who started out somewhere on the Allah-Las/Growlers axis of moody '60s weirdodelica, but whose forthcoming Desert Island LP - set to be released at the end of April - finds the Braves bearing down with a darker, heavier sound. Helping kick off the Braves' April residency tonight is flagship Lolipop band Froth, Brian Jonestown babies who recently followed up an excursion into high fashion (courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent) by releasing a standout LP of their own. - Chris Ziegler

Tuesday, April 8

Jenny Hval, Mark McGuire
Norway's Jenny Hval is a provocateur, a young artist-musician-writer who uses an arresting voice and an unusually keen intellect to make complex yet accessible art-pop on her recent Innocence Is Kinky (Rune Grammofon). The album is a densely woven skewering of pop's normal subject matter, given maximum heft by the quietly subversive Hval's pithy perspectives on mythology, mass media and sexual identity. There's both surrealist stream of consciousness and cunningly contrived exactitude in Hval and her work, heightened by her elfin matter-of-factness. A former member of Cleveland's premier drone kings, Emeralds, guitarist-producer Mark McGuire has just released Along the Way (Dead Oceans), an ambitious concept record delineating an inner journey to enlightenment via entrancing, melodic guitar and electronics. - John Payne

Wednesday, April 9

Arsonists Get All the Girls
Even in the alcohol-free Cobalt Café, this Santa Cruz, Calif., quintet will be the aural equivalent of a spiked drink: a disconcertingly psychedelic, ADHD mash-up of a decade's worth of extreme metal substrains delivered with mortifying bile. Relentless gunship kick drums and supersaturated swarms of down-tuned guitars somehow couple with trippy synth subplots on their fifth full-length, Listen to the Color, but it's the utterly committed, multipersonality performance of returned vocalist Remi Rodberg (AGATG has had at least 19 members in its nine years) that seals the self-released effort as such a restless, irreverent joy. With proggy, experimental expressions for (and by) an ultra-impatient smartphone generation, Arsonists Get All the Girls distill every contemporary metal tour that will come through L.A. this year into a single set. - Paul Rogers

Thursday, April 10

The Watkins Family Hour
The Watkins Family Hour is composed of siblings Sean and Sara Watkins (of bluegrass giants Nickel Creek), plus whichever of their friends happens to feel like dropping by for the night. Of course, their friends are a little more unusual than most folks', and much more than an hour is needed when such pals as Fiona Apple, Michael Nesmith, Mindy Smith, Chris Thile, Jackson Browne and Benmont Tench show up unannounced at the Watkins siblings' monthly jamboree. The pair make such perfect hosts - joking and harmonizing casually with their guests, with Sara stirring up mournfully eloquent accompaniment on fiddle and Sean strumming deceptively intricate bluegrass runs on acoustic guitar - that you might overlook how brilliant their own songwriting and charismatic vocals are, as on Sara's recent beguiling, country-laced album, Sun Midnight Sun. - Falling James

Be sure to check out our constantly updated concert calendar!

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