Empire of the Sun -- See Thursday
Empire of the Sun -- See Thursday
Timothy Norris

The Best Concerts to See in L.A. This Week

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Monday, October 28



Bonobo assembles lush soundscapes as meticulously composed as they are wholly otherworldly. While the British producer's astral soundscapes most often err on the side of white noise chill out music best suited to the late night, post-party comedown, his music still has oomph. Bonobo (that's Simon Green) injects his compositions with complex, sophisticated baselines (dubstep this ain't) that really thump on his 2013 LP The North Borders. On this his fifth LP, Green, also a masterful remixer, hits his songwriting stride with the help of guest vocalists including Erykah Badu and Grey Reverend, who will be in the house for tonight's show. Sometimes playing with a live band, the producer's live sets are known for their faraway astral house sounds and air of moody mystery, making this an ideal set to catch during Halloween week. --Katie Bain

Tuesday, October 29

The Flaming Lips


After 30 years of crafting lush, psychedelic rock tracks, the Oklahoma-bred Flaming Lips effortlessly reach into your core to incite a sonic spiritual experience, and that's just via their recordings. Their live performances must be seen to be believed, what with frontman Wayne Coyne's bizarre stage banter, blinding lights, trippy big-screen visuals and zany stage antics and props. Think of it as a multisensory massage. The Flaming Lips have had more than a dozen full-length releases, including April's The Terror, a darker take on their classic lovey-dovey narratives. Today they also digitally release Peace Sword, a six-song EP inspired by the upcoming film Ender's Game. But despite the band's weighty catalog, it's the classic single "Do You Realize" that ties the entire Lips operation together. The totally excellent Aussie psych-rock outfit Tame Impala opens the show for a night you will surely remember as the closest you ever got to space exploration. --Britt Witt

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CocoRosie's backstory, like their songs themselves, sounds like something out of a fairy tale. Sisters Coco and Rosie Casady were raised by their mother, who encouraged them to leave high school and pursue music, and in the summers they traveled on Native American vision quests with their father. Over the years, the sisters went their separate ways and lost track of each other until they reunited in Paris, where they formed CocoRosie. Their music has since expanded from intimate, childlike ditties to more expansive, full-band experiments, as on their latest album, Tales of a GrassWidow. Solemn piano tones toll on the chilling tale "Child Bride," and the duo finds subtle mysteries hidden under the dirt of "Gravediggress." Antony Hegarty, meanwhile, guest-stars on the funereal "Poison" and "Tears for Animals." --Falling James

Wednesday, October 30

Lucian Ban and Mat Maneri


Is it mere coincidence that, on the eve of Halloween, we have a concert by a man from Transylvania? He is Lucian Ban, an extraordinary pianist who years ago fled his place of origin to reside in humble anonymity as a jazz musician in New York, only to discover that his true talent couldn't be smothered. Word of his musical prowess spread until he was summoned by the city's jazz immortals, including skin-strikers Pheeroan akLaff and Barry Altschul. His homeland beckoned, however, and Lucian obliged with an appearance in the Cultural Palace of Târgu Mures, deep within Transylvania (now Romania). The resulting album, Transylvania Concert, features Ban and Grammy-nominated violinist Mat Maneri in a performance that is mesmerizing, evocative and sensually explicit. Listening may stir within you that which you can no longer suppress. --Gary Fukushima

Thursday, October 31

MellowHigh Release Party


Los Angeles hip-hop collective OFWGKTA has turned out a new subgroup, MellowHigh. Stemming from Hodgy Beats and Left Brain's MellowHype, MellowHigh's secret weapon add-on is Domo Genesis, who turns on a bit of friendly competition in the group and adds a smoother voice to counterbalance Hodgy's sharper vocals. Their first album is due on Halloween, so the trio is hosting a release party co-presented by nightlife culture enthusiasts IHEARTCOMIX. "Yu," the first single leaked off of the album, is an addictively bouncy, multilayered track that invokes R&B and Aquemini-era Outkast. Vocals about getting high, rolling around town, getting high, eating brunch and getting high are not surprising, considering the ever-mellow Domo Genesis' past work runs on a similar theme. The trio's desire to chill is a conscious one -- a recent YouTube video shows the guys entering Russell Simmons' house to get some yoga training from the Def Jam godfather. When the young men fail to take the practice seriously, Simmons scolds them, snapping, "You do this shit to get high," which seems to actually work. --Rena Kosnett

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Empire of the Sun


Empire of the Sun's second album, Ice on the Dune, shares the cinematic, sci-fi/fantasy personality of its predecessor, Walking on a Dream. This time, the wacky stories told have more sheen and enough '80s synth-pop elements to soundtrack the psychedelic, Technicolor film birthed in its creators' minds. (For evidence, see the group's theatrical spectacle of a live show). Polished to a spit-shine by pop hit-making producers and mixers, Ice on the Dune bursts with relentless hooks, danceable rhythms and chiseled melodies. The effervescent "DNA" twinkles like a floodlit fountain with a lighthearted chorus. "Concert Pitch" bounces along a path of synthetic bass lines. "Old Flavours" goes further back into the soundtrack vault, channeling corny '70s police action adventure flicks, while the sugary "Celebrate" turns the disco corner at the threshold of the '70s and '80s with its bubbly chorus. --Lily Moayeri

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