Blonde Redhead -- See Tuesday
Blonde Redhead -- See Tuesday
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Monday, September 2

Summer Sendoff Party featuring The Big Pink, Harriet, et al.


The fact that this Summer Sendoff event is all sorts of awesome makes the fact that it's being held in conjunction with the end of the season a bit less bittersweet. Or maybe more bittersweet. In any case, this Labor Day party features more than 20 artists and bands, three stages, food trucks and a beer garden to keep your mind off the last fleeting weeks of summer. Multigenre offerings range from DJ sets and funky jam bands to soul and rock & roll, including locals Francisco the Man, Mystery Skulls and Harriet along with as-yet-unannounced special guests. The Decoders headline the mini-fest, offering their blend of '60s/'70s soul and Brazilian and psychedelic rock. Summer Sendoff takes over the entire Bootleg complex, so attendees can comfortably wander among the venue's theater, bar and gallery. No charge at the door for early birds makes this farewell tribute even more appealing. --Britt Witt

Tuesday, September 3

Blonde Redhead


It's been three years since the release of Blonde Redhead's most recent album, Penny Sparkle, but the arty New York dream-pop band's chansons sound just as timelessly ethereal as ever. Much of the appeal comes from lead singer Kazu Makino, whose breathy delivery adds personality and charisma to brothers Simone Pace and Amedeo Pace's musical backing. Dreams really do pop up in existential tracks like "Not Getting There" and "Here Sometimes," as Makino coos soothingly to contrast the insomniac restlessness of Amedeo's guitars and Simone's boxy beats. Elements of early-'80s new wave and post-punk mingle into a gauzy 4AD shoegazer haze. Now the question is, what do Blonde Redhead have planned next? --Falling James

Black Sabbath


To be clear, Black Sabbath invented heavy metal. Having lost the tips of two digits in an industrial accident, guitarist Tony Iommi doomily downtuned (in part to make string bending less painful) and built riffs from chunky chords rather than fiddly-fingered picking. Married to Ozzy Osbourne's robotically possessed, ominous wail and a rhythm section articulate in its thunder, the resulting sound was a migraine-inducing revolution when it debuted in 1968 and remains the palpable blueprint for metal's myriad contemporary guises. Black Sabbath did not invent the now time-honored band breakup/will-they-or-won't-they/reunion cycle, but the band certainly has been an ardent adherent. Though the quartet's latest lineup lacks Bill Ward's distinctively fleet yet furious drumming, comeback album 13 does justice to Sabs' sonic legacy, and their shows remain (sac)religious rites to the horns-handed hordes. --Paul Rogers

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Wednesday, September 4



The Chapel Hill, N.C., quartet Superchunk has always paired exuberantly punky guitars with catchy power-pop hooks, and its 10th and latest album, I Hate Music, is as tunefully energetic as ever. Singer-guitarist Mac McCaughan may claim, "I hate music," on "Me & You & Jackie Mittoo," but he and his pals are nonetheless doing a lot more than just "filling the space between all of the notes." McCaughan sings this with a wistfully delirious -- and shamelessly musical -- pop melody, even as he tries to bury his sentimentality with a snarling guitar. Before he even has the chance to sap out, bassist Laura Ballance, drummer Jon Wurster and guitarist Jim Wilbur pick him up by the scruff of the neck and carry him along at a rapid gallop. --Falling James

Myron & E


Stones Throw vocal duo Myron & E has just released a new album, and it's a sweet one --it even says "ATTENTION DEE-JAYS" right on the cover. (All you DEE-JAYS out there, consider that a helpful public service announcement.) With Finland's top-flight Soul Investigators as backup, Broadway is an LP that starts somewhere in the middle of the '70s (possibly not too far away from soul-era Philadelphia) and then reaches forward and backward for further inspiration. It plays like a greatest-hits album from some lost-to-history (except to the most rarefied collectors) funk-soul band, especially on slow-burner single "If I Gave You My Love," which is testament to the strength of Myron & E's taste and scholarship both. Playing with KCRW DJs Marion Hodges and Anthony Valadez, this show is guaranteed to deliver the songs that make you shiver. --Chris Ziegler



In one short year, pop trio fun. has churned out chart-topping hits with hooks that even top-40-radio-hating curmudgeons can't resist. Best known for the single "We Are Young," which debuted in a 2012 Super Bowl commercial, fun. have defined themselves with uplifting anthems that inspire fans to live for today, and to never give up, and to ... you get the idea. With their sophomore album Some Nights recently going platinum, winning two Grammys and producing a No. 1 Billboard 100 hit, the trio has embarked on a nationwide headline tour appropriately titled "Most Nights." Activists in their own right, each tour stop features the Equality Village, which works to raise awareness for causes including LGBTQ community support. Twin sister singer duo Tegan and Sara also performs. --Britt Witt

Thursday, September 5



The filtered, synth-generated sounds of electro producers Digitalism have an irrepressible upbeatness to them, establishing out of the gate the German duo's perennial party mood. Tying in with their mini-North American DJ tour is a fresh three-track EP, Lift, featuring Skrillex protégés The M Machine; Deadmau5's right-hand man, Steve Duda; and local uber-producer Michael Diamond of Blood Diamonds. Collaborations are a rarity for Digitalism. This combination of talents, however, brings an uncontainably delicious messiness to Digitalism's already excitable creations, heightening their impact. The title track builds on choppy vocals while the melding "Dudalism" percolates with wacky synths and drops and builds. The provocatively titled "Electric Fist" closes out the EP on a dark note. Be prepared to dance. --Lily Moayeri

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