Hüsky Düde?
Hüsky Düde?

Teenage Flan-club? Sebadohnut? Fat & Kim? The Wacky World of #fatindiebands

Yesterday, Twitter burgeoned with a new trend that mixed this is why you're fat with the indie museo nerd blogosphere. Thus #FatIndieBands was born and for most of the day the Twittersphere was rife with punny names like We Were Promised Snack Packs, !!!en Nuggets, and the Sit Up Kids. Was it as good as #metalmeals? You be the judge:

Here are some of our favorites. Let us know your own #FatIndieBand suggestions in the comments.

luscious flapjackson - skampy

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MSG SoundSystem - paulscheer

Mission of Burping - GartFace

Wheezer - missmarymiller

Camera Tempura - I_am_Dai

MSTRKRFT Macaroni and Cheese - toddfasen

Burger Kings of Leon - ItsLoganScott

Fat & Kim - rillawafers

Sebadohnut - colestratton

She & Dim... Sum - jaeventurer -

Interpol-ish sausage - thetommyb

Florence + the Vending Machine - joshjoed

Ted Kennedys - HerschelWeiner

My Morning Jacket Is Where I Hide The Extra Donuts - johnmoe

Built to Spill Over My Waistband - johnmoe

Teenage Flan-club -MarkReiley


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