LA's The Bags in a Target still from a 1979 performance
LA's The Bags in a Target still from a 1979 performance
Target Video/Joe Rees

Target Video at Silent Movie Theatre Tonight: First Wave Punk, First Wave Video Collide

Interested in LA punk rock and early renegade video production? Tonight Cinefamily at Silent Movie Theater delivers Target Video presents: Raw Power, featuring appearances by Targeters Joe Rees and Jackie Sharp.

Cinefamily explains:

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The first half is a Los Angeles and California-centric program featuring classic footage of local heroes (The Screamers, Black Flag, TSOL) alongside lesser-known-but-equally awesome acts (Nervous Gender, BPeople, The Plugz). The second half mines the Target library for its rarest nuggets, and features footage of bands that will make music nerds squeal with glee. Ever heard of the Tuff Darts? Silence Hospital? Nash The Slash? This may be your one and only chance to ever see these clips, so this night is not to be missed.

Target Video's blog explains further:

Unlike other Target shows, this one basically presents footage direct from the vaults. Uncut. Unmixed. Raw and original. We have begun calling the show "Raw Power" for its sheer voyeuristic quality. The pieces document explosive musical events from the late 70's and early 80's. The soundtracks are all original: from a simple camera microphone recording to studio mixes. Presented more music tv style than movie. An authentic thrill ride through the West Coast's punk past. It's not pretty. It's raw and the way it was. Be there!


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