SXSW Bands From A-Z: E through H

SXSW Bands From A-Z: E through H

As SXSW approaches, we figured we'd be a little servicey and give you a guide to some of the highlights of the official showcases, alphabet style. Last week we gave you A through D; today it's E-H. So here we go: five more awesome bands to see in SXSW's official lineup.


LA via PA multi-instrumentalist Evan Voytas makes catchy, insular space-disco as well as pop-heavy music filled with synths and hooky melodies that draw from the best elements of '70s pop and contemporary chillwave.

When: Wednesday March 16 at 1 am

Where: Swan Dive

Info: 21+


Exene Cervenka, of course, is a member of quintessential LA punk band X, as well as The Knitters and The Original Sinners. Her solo work is reflective of its birthplace--the agitated quiet of her Missouri living room. The songs are sparse, intimate, and poetic. The music tames her punk roots, but keeps the raw and soulful energy that X fans came to love.

When: Saturday March 19 at 9:20 pm

Where: the Red Eyed Fly

Info: 18+


Fitz and the Tantrums serve up blistering performances of soul-inspired pop, relying heavily on vintage organs, horns, and tight drum beats. There's no guitar but it's not needed--co-lead-singers Michael Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs fill up the room with their energy. Guaranteed to be a floor-filling performance.

When: Friday March 18 at 2pm

Where: Radio Day Stage

Info: 21+


We cannot get enough of Glasser. Her unconventional take on electronic music, her soaring and gorgeous vocals--well, it's clear why her 2010 album, Ring, got such rave reviews from so many sources. We can think of no better place to see her than a church in Austin.

Where: Central Presbyterian Church

When: Thursday March 17, 10PM

Info: all ages


Hanni el-Khatib will take the stage with nothing but a guitar and a drummer, and yet he will fill the room with his raw guitar salvos and soulful voice. Think the White Stripes with some gasoline and a little more dirt, and you have Hanni El-Khatib.

Where: Habana Bar

When: Friday March 18, 10:00PM

Info: 21+


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