Super classy!
Super classy!

String Quartet in a Dark Bar? Quartetto Fantastico Pays Homage to John Lennon [Video]

Highland Park teems with cultural juxtapositions, but few seem as jarring and genius as a string quartet performing in a really, really dark bar. Earlier this month, maestro Miguel Atwood-Ferguson assembled his sting quartet, Quartetto Fantastico, in the darkened halls of Footsies to pay tribute to John Lennon's 70th birthday. The visionary composer and violinist, who has worked with Flying Lotus and many more in L.A.'s beat community and beyond, led 17 arrangements of Lennon's works as part of Footsies bi-monthly show, Soul in the Park. Luckily, B+ from Mochilla was there to document a vignette from this one-of-a-kind performance.

Watch it here and wish you could have been there.


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