Stop the Rapidshares! EMI Regains Some Sanity, Will Officially Release 2009 Danger Mouse-David Lynch-Sparklehorse Collaboration

Dark Night of the Soul, the collaboration between Danger Mouse, David Lynch and Sparklehorse that "came out" last year as a webstream and a big book with a CD-R encouraging people to download it for free, will finally get an official release through EMI.

The BBC and other news outlets report that the record company has made peace with sonic outlaw (and Los Angeles resident) Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse) and will release the 2009 album.

From Rolling Stone:

a legal hassle between Danger Mouse, or Brian Burton, and EMI stemming back to The Grey Album -- Danger Mouse's mash-up of the Beatles' White Album with Jay-Z's Black Album -- held up the release of Dark Night, a collaboration featuring the Shins' James Mercer, David Lynch, Julian Casablancas, Frank Black and more artists.

Because Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous was signed to EMI and featured prominently on Dark Night of the Soul, EMI threatened to sue if the album was released. Danger Mouse combated the threat by including a blank CD, hinting that fans should download and burn the leaked version of the album. However, Danger Mouse now tells the BBC, "The problems of last year are last year, so hopefully it will be out soon in June or something like that."

The title track (featuring David Lynch):


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