Stones Throw in Toronto: Video of the Posse Up North [MP3] is currently running a pretty interesting short documentary about Stones Throw Records' recent sojourn to Toronto for a showcase, and if you're a fan of any of their artists, it's a good chance to watch them all record shopping. The best part is watching MF Doom browsing the racks with his metal face mask on; he looks, of course, ridiculous (though not as ridiculous as when he hires an imposter to wear it) flipping through records with that thing on, but that's his shtick, so more power to him.

The mini-doc features conversations with Madlib, Peanut Butter Wold, J*Rocc of the Beat Junkies, and Doom, and is hosted by Stones Throw/Now-Again operative Egon (who we profiled in last week's LA Weekly). There's performance footage and, well, MF Doom in a metal face mask.

The newest Stones Throw-affiliated release is the Madlib Medicine Show No. 2: Flight to Brazil , a CD mixtape of Brazilian funk, psychedelic, prog-rock and jazz, and part of Madlib's massive series of releases that's going on all through 2010. Also now available is an ace new soul/funk MP3 gem from Aloe Blacc, which is the theme song to the new HBO comedy How to Make It in America.

Aloe Blacc - "I Need a Dollar" (MP3)


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