BBQ blocker gets super po-mo with his self-referential shirt
BBQ blocker gets super po-mo with his self-referential shirt

Stoner Dreams: "Dude You Have No Quran" Gets Autotuned, High Times Article

Remember way back last week, when the media world was shitting their collective pants because a leader of a tiny church planned to burn a Koran? Yeah. It was stupid. But do you remember when a 23-year-old shirtless dude with a sizable rat tail thwarted an Amarillo, Texas Koran BBQ* (not Korean BBQ, you'd be INSANE to thwart that deliciousness) and gave birth to the "Dude, you have no Quran" meme? Yeah, that was awesome.

Well of course, just a few days after BBQ blocker Jacob Isom uttered those fateful, possibly weed-induced words, the internet responded by giving Isom the royal treatment: Autotune.

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Isom has earned been ushered into his 15 seconds of fame with this dancey, sorta Crystal Castles styled remix, and his dream of being in High Times was made a reality yesterday when the weed mag agreed to feature him an upcoming issue.

Sure it's not quite as catchy as the Gregory Brother's 'Bed Intruder' hit single (and best hip hop song of the year?) but it's still pretty amazing.

Stoner dreams do come true:

Buy Isom's shirt here, help him get that pizza truck he's always wanted.

The O.G. News:

*It's kind of hilarious that book burner/part-time extremist/ full-time nuclear plant guard (a la Homer Simpson?) David Grisham chose a BBQ as the site of his deplorable act. Just goes to show that BBQ is always on the mind of Texans.


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