Something for the Weekend: Quasi @ Spaceland, E-40 @ the Key Club and Broken Bells @ the Troubadour

Here's something for the weekend:

Quasi, tonight (Friday) at Spaceland. Here's Janet Weiss beating the crap out of her drum kit a few years back showing Charlie Watts' arrangement of "Paint It, Black" how real punk rock gals do it (yes, that's Elliot Smith behind her!):

E-40, tomorrow (Saturday) at the Key Club. Here's E-40 drinking brandy with MURS and schooling the young'uns about top-shelf booze and top-shelf rapping:

Broken Bells at The Troubadour this Sunday. Here's Danger Mouse (on the drums) and The Shins' James Mercer wowing an audienceful of midwestern tourists at the Letterman show a couple of days ago:


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