West Coast = best coast
West Coast = best coast

Snoop Dogg Disses Grammys, Big-Ups the West on New Mixtape

Apparently West Coast Sound isn't the only one breaking out the party favors in honor of California's return to dominance in the rap world. Snoop Dogg has just released a searing hot new mixtape called We Da West, Volume One, and the accompanying promo video features exorbitant amounts of sticky-icky (or, as Snoop re-dubs it, "Seth Green"), not to mention lots of bragging about dick size. It's good to see our boys in top form again.

So who's in the mix? On the boards are DJs Who Kid, Skee, and Scream, while choice vocal spots come from Tha Dogg Pound (Daz and Kurupt), rising L.A. talent Nipsey Hussle (who made it onto XXL's 2010 freshmen list) and Long Beach native Soopafly -- and of course, there's that "I Wanna Rock" remix featuring Jay-Z and Ludacris. And though Snoop cedes a lot of tracks to his "nephews," he sounds refreshed on those that he blesses. Oh, and he devotes an entire song to dissing the Grammys.

A sample from "Fuck Da Grammys":

"You going to the Grammys? / Ain't shit happening. / [Just] a room full of squares from Delaware. / Ain't no room for a real player to get a win, you need a real prayer / I been nominated 14, or was it 15, times / I never won one, I wonder why? / [...] / It's a whammy, I had to ask my cousin Tammy / She say: Dogg, fuck da Grammys."

Here's the video. More after the jump.

Here's the tracklist, in jewel-case-insert form:

Snoop Dogg Disses Grammys, Big-Ups the West on New Mixtape

This is all fine and well, but where's Mayer? West Coast Sound was under the impression that Stones Throw-signed Culver City soul man Mayer Hawthorne was the Dogg's BNF (best nephew forever). And looking at a Tuesday tweet from @MayerHawthorne himself, it seems we weren't the only ones that thought so.

"Haaaaa just realized this hat I got from @snoopdogg says "NEFF" on the back. Good lookin out Uncle Snoop! http://twitpic.com/16a7iv"

Where was the UNC on this one, NEFF?


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