The Jackson Two
The Jackson Two

Rumor: Are Michael Jackson's Parents Getting Divorced after 60 Years?

Several Internet gossip sites have been reporting that Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother, either has filed or will soon be filing for divorce from her husband of 60 years, Joe Jackson.

Some music publications have started to pick up on this rumor, though there are no confirmed details yet. The Jacksons have allegedly lived apart for a few years now, but according to these rumors Katherine Jackson had refused to divorce until now for religious reasons. It is unclear why Michael Jackson's mother would have changed her mind now, though the UK tabloids (and at least one major music publication) claim that "reports of Joe attending seedy joins on Sunset Strip recently and his repeated outbursts to the press about the Jackson family's private life are said to have been the last straw for her."

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Jackson was criticized by his strange reaction to his son's death in 2009 at the BET awards, very shortly after the singer's death:


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