Roberts to Do Henry Rollins' KCRW Show Saturday Night, Will Play Two-Hours of Tasty Grateful Dead Jams

Just kidding.

Not really like this.

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Yes, West Coast Sound is filling in for Henry Rollins during his KCRW show tonight. No, we won't be playing two hours of Grateful Dead. We won't be playing any Grateful Dead. You think we're stupid?

More like this.

We'll do our best not to besmirch our favorite radio DJ's good name/tastes, promise to abide by his one rule: To play no sucky songs. Punk, rock, funk, post-punk, deep blues, wild-ass jazz, proto-punk, British invasion, West African jams, Sun Ra, and maybe even a country song. Doubtless we'll end up playing a few songs that Mr. Rollins would not. That's part of the fun (and fear). Tonight from 6 - 8 p.m. on KCRW.


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