Rock Moranis: Your New Band Name
Rock Moranis: Your New Band Name

Rick Moranis Joins Weezer and Best Coast On Stage?

This weekend Weezer revisited their Blue Album at the Gibson Amphitheatre, dusting off the old favorites that launched their career in the early nineties. For "Island in the Sun," the band brought Best Coast chanteuse, Bethany Cosentino onstage to give the song a bit of the feminine touch. The song proceeds according to plan. Cosentino's voice complements Cuomo's well, he hits the lower, flatter tones while she harmonizes just a bit above him to make it interesting. It was a preview of sorts of their collaboration "Go Away," which will appear somewhere on a Weezer album in the future. Some videophiles captured the collab on tape and revealed something unexpected. Wait.... Is that Rick Moranis?

Wait for the "little jumps" at the end. Yikes.

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