Rhino Reissues Classic Jane Fonda Workout Routines Digitally: Exercise Anytime, Anywhere

Pilates shmilates. Yoga shmoga. The true headz know what's up with exercise regimens, and go back to the aerobic source for their daily dose of adrenalin. That's right: Jane "Hotness" Fonda, whose workout tapes set the bar for struggling housewives everywhere -- and became a top selling videocassette.

Or, in the words of Jane-Fonda.net: "Pilates is dead. Long live aerobics."

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We, of course, liked the originals for the music, but if you're jonesin' for some old school workout routines, Rhino is reissuing the long out-of-print audio releases of five classics:

Jane Fonda -- Jane Fonda's Stretch & Stress Reduction Program (1981 audio release)

Jane Fonda -- Jane Fonda's Weight Loss Walkout (1983 audio release)

Jane Fonda -- Jane Fonda's Primetime Workout (1988 audio release)

Jane Fonda -- Jane Fonda's Complete Workout (1989 audio release)

Jane Fonda -- Jane Fonda's Fitness Walkout (1989 audio release)

Put them on your iPod and do the routines while you wait in line. Stuck in traffic? Do some jumping jacks with Jane. Feeling like a pig? Digital versions allow you to work out with just your iPhone.


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