Record Shopping with The Slits!

The Slits, the legendary UK punk band who created in 1979 the groundbreaking dub-fusion masterpiece Cut (which you should own, or run and get if you don't), were recently in town promoting a comeback release. The band, still led by irrepressible frontwoman Ari Up and original bassist Tessa Pollitt (plus a revamped lineup), stopped at local music retail behemoth Amoeba in Hollywood to do some record shopping.

What are The Slits into these days? Rihanna, for starters ("we're relating to Rihanna, big time, me and Tessa," says Ari). Also Os Mutantes, early Soft Machine, Deerhoof, Quasimoto, and loads of great Jamaican stuff. There's really nothing better than having The Slits school you on dub, female vocalists with attitude, and Charles Mingus -- someone give Ari Up a talk show, pronto!

Watch and learn:

Brilliant exchange from the video:

Tessa: - I heard that Kurt Cobain gave me credit in his book, which I was shocked about...

Ari: - You shouldn't be shocked about it! His girlfriend called herself "Hole" -- get it? The Hole, Hole, The Slits, Hole, Slits, Hole...

Watch The Slits in San Francisco late that year:


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