Caye and Wiz
Caye and Wiz
Simon Chasalow

Premiere: Caye & Wiz Khalifa Make It Look “Easy”

Born in Boston but now residing in sunny Los Angeles, singer-rapper Caye carries his own signature sound, embodying a hybrid of hip-hop and pop, with elements of calypso, reggae and jazz. He premieres the official music video for “Easy,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, exclusively with L.A. Weekly.

Growing up in a musically inclined household, Caye’s fondest memories including jamming with his friends, hopping on the piano, guitar, drums or bass whenever possible. After garnering a steady buzz online, he soon realized his calling: creating music that promotes love, positivity and happiness.

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“Easy” serves as the second single off his 2018 debut album, Pink Tree Paradise, which he created in between touring with R&B star SoMo.

Caye says, “Working with Wiz was crazy. I grew up listening to him, so having him on my own song was pretty surreal. Being around Wiz for the video shoot, as well as in the studio, was such a good time and I always learn so much from being around him.”


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