Pedro Almodovar Takes Over YouTube, Claims Flamenco Dancer Invented Hip Hop, Brings on the "Global Gay Chic" with Raquel Welch-Cher Duet

YouTube has had the brilliant idea to allow celebrities to "curate" their front page with their 5 favorite YouTube videos.

Today was Pedro Almodovar's turn and his selections are expectedly amazing, including making the claim that a Spanish cult actress (and Flamenco singer and dancer) invented hip-hop in the 1960s (you gotta watch it), and digging up a rare Cher-Raquel Welch duet as an example of "Global Gay Chic."

Without further ado--take it, Pedro:

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How the Spaniards invented Hip-Hop:

Raquel + Cher = Global Gay Chic!:


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