neil schield of origami vinyl
neil schield of origami vinyl
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Origami Vinyl's Local Top Ten (Plus One!)

Independent Echo Park record store Origami Vinyl carries a strong collection of local music as well as new releases and luxurious reissues. Proprietor Neil Schield told us about their most recent top ten local sellers--as well as a local band he'd like to see make it to the top ten as soon as possible.

1. LA Font - The American Leagues - self-released

2. Warpaint - The Fool - Rough Trade

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3. No Age - Everything In Between - Sub Pop

4. Young Hunting - "Into Your Mind" 7" - self-released

5. Zola Jesus - Valusia - Sacred Bones

6. Jail Weddings - Love is Lawless - White Noise

7. Spain - "I'm Still Free" 7" - self-released

8. Kissing Cousins - Pillar of Salt - Velvet Blue Music

9. Summer Darling - self-titled - Origami Vinyl

10. Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner - Rough Trade

And now per Neil--what local record is everyone missing out on? You'll hear the entire thing after the jump.

Origami Vinyl's Local Top Ten (Plus One!)

Urgency by superhumanoids

"These guys kinda came outta nowhere to me. I love the early '80s angular guitars mixed in with the dark synth lines. Both Cameron and Sarah's voices play a perfect contrast to each other. They only made 300 copies of their EP on vinyl and I think you'll be bummed if you miss out. If they keep up all their hard work, they will be primed to break out in 2011."


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