New Wait. Think. Fast. Demo of "Trouble": That's a Good Song

There's are a few specific moments in "Trouble," the new demo by Covina/Downey/Evanston/ Boston/Argentina/Echo Park band Wait. Think. Fast. that deliver sonic sparkles -- you know, four- and eight-bar surprises and curlicue melodic back flips that transform so-so songs into something bigger and more satisfying. One arrives at about 1:38 in, this little fortune-cookie-prize of a structural diversion that lasts for a few seconds and then disappears in the rear-view mirror.

The other is, well, Jacqueline Santillan Beighley's phrasing, the way she slides intuitive melodies through the songs. The third is the surprise keyboard at the end. It's like Beighley conjures the keyboard out of thin air -- even though it's sitting right there next to her the whole time.

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That's a good song, is what we're saying.


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