New Jarvis Cocker Video Glamorizes Junkies, Homemade Tattoos

Jarvis Cocker does the vocals for "Synchronize" the new track by the horrendously named production team Discodeine. We'd watch Jarvis in anything, but here he just sits around a posh hotel room while some circa 1990 heroin chic models shoot up and give each other tattoos. It's Jarvis living out his late-period Bret Easton Ellis fantasy.

And you wanna watch, right?:

(Via Pitchfork TV)

BONUS TRACK: The above is not the weirdest Jarvis Cocker music video. Wanna see THE weirdest JC (he's not Jesus, but he has the same initials, you know) music video? Here, watch:

And before you say anything, yep, that's definitely Jarvis.


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