New Dublab Vid: Jennifer Furches (Sea Wolf, Cass McCombs) Live at Elysian Park

It's been a good six months since the good folks at Dublab (currently holding their Proton Drive fundraiser) have delivered up a new installment of Vision Version, a video series that captures touring or L.A.-area artists performing one-off songs in beautiful or unusual settings. Last time, to wit, syllable-spewing local rapper Busdriver pulled a Mos Def by delivering verse after rapid-fire verse of "Coon Talk" whilst riding shotgun through the streets of Echo Park.

Well, this latest addition is a bit more mellow.

Jennifer Furches may have built a house in Louisville (also, she may not have), but she currently lives in Los Angeles, and has been putting in violin work with Sea Wolf, Coconut Records (a.k.a. Jason Schwartzman), Patrick Park and Cass McCombs. She's also got a solo debut on the way. There may (also: may not) be information about that here.

And screw it -- it may ruin the mood, but here's the awesome Busdriver video, along with the reason we mentioned Mos Def up above. Cheers.


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