New Daedelus Video for "Make It So" is One of the Best Things You'll Watch Today

Sometimes something arrives that, while small on the surface -- "What, another YouTube clip to watch?" -- manages to overjoy your heart and eyes with its magic. One such thing is the new video for LA-based Daedelus's new "Make It So." From his forthcoming Love To Make Music To, which comes out on Ninja Tune in the U.S. on July 15, the song features Michael Johnson of Sub Pop band Holopaw. Ever the showman, our Mutton-Chopped Hero Daedelus is seen (or at least a cardboard-cutout of him) piloting both a clipper ship and a WWII fighter plane, riding a Vespa scooter like a Mod, playing soccer, cruising the beach. You have to see it to appreciate it, and, lo it's right there below.


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