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Alan Licht
Phill Niblock

Music Pick: Alan Licht

Guitarist Alan Licht can manufacture some mighty mountains of noise. In his solo work and past projects with Loren Mazzacane Connors and Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo, Licht prefers to explore a variety of musical landscapes, blending pure noise and avant-garde experimentation with more evocative and restrained passages. He's not some dour technocrat or solemn musical purist, though, and he revealed sarcastic wit underneath all that crushing volume when he titled one of his recordings, The Evan Dando of Noise? The composer and Artforum critic plans to perform a solo set at Zebulon, followed by separate duo sets with three similarly intriguing collaborators, Ulrich Krieger, Emmett Kelly and David Pajo.

Zebulon, 2478 Fletcher Dr., Los Angeles; Tues., May 7, 8 p.m.; $10. (323) 662-0966, http://zebulon.la.

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