Cobalt Cranes, 'In Media Rez'
Cobalt Cranes, 'In Media Rez'

MP3 Exclusive: 'Take You' from L.A. Garage-Rockers Cobalt Cranes

West Coast Sound knows what you're thinking, and it goes something like this: "For Troggs' sake, there are more garage-rock bands in this city than there are garages! Do these Stooges really think we need another?" Yes, we do -- call us Iggynoramuses, but we think this MP3 from local trio Cobalt Cranes deserves some love.

Following a gust of fuzzy etherea, "Take You" affects a melancholy grind that improves upon the Raveonettes' sound even as it hearkens back to something a bit more classic (the Vaselines, perhaps?).

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The tune comes from Cobalt Cranes' pending May 4 EP, In Media Rez -- to be released on the band's own Anticc Records -- the cover of which can be seen above. A full-length is currently in the works, as is a limited 7-inch for France's Frantic City Records.

A refreshing take on an old medium? Or ennui rehash whose check was cashed long ago? Let us know which way you swing in the comments section.


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