A still from Monogem's "Get You High" video.EXPAND
A still from Monogem's "Get You High" video.
Courtesy of Finders Pictures

Monogem Drops Intoxicating New Video for "Get You High"

Jen Hirsh has been writing dark pop songs for several years as Monogem, named after the glowing remnant of an exploded star. Last fall saw the release of her seven-track sophomore EP, 100%, and she wasted no time writing and recording more material; her new single, “Get You High,” is already all over the airwaves of KCRW.

Today we are graced with a new clip for that single, directed by Finders Pictures. Many scenes could be described as balanced, whether in reference to cast-blocking, colors or diet. An argument for moral imbalance could also be made, but we won’t spoil the story’s end.

“For this music video, I wanted to create an empowering vibe and atmosphere with some of my favorite women on this planet.  I also wanted to have a little fun with the visual, since the song celebrates what gets me high,” Monogem says.

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Even with support from outlets like Good Morning America and E! for her last star-studded music video, Monogem remains very much a local star. It seems it can only be a matter of time until her light reaches the rest of the world. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and hear the new single here:


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