Mick and Jerry's baby, all growed up!
Mick and Jerry's baby, all growed up!
Hedi Slimane for Harper's

Mick Jagger's Topless Daughter Stars in Hedi Slimane Video, with Music by Rising UK Stars Egyptian Hip Hop

Once upon a time, Hedi Slimane was a queer kid who was way into the cover of Bowie's David Live album.

Then he ran Dior for a while. He lived the high-fashion life. Made stylish, tailored and androgynous hip and viceversa.

Then he left. Rumor had it he had become a full-time photographer. Another rumor had it that he was living in LA, taking photos of beautiful young sk8r bois.

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And now he's reemerged directing a video for a make-up artist (?!?), starring Georgia May Jagger --Mick and Jerry's gap-toothed, often topless daughter-- and featuring the music of current UK buzzband Egyptian Hip Hop.

Isn't it sad that when you wanna learn about hip-hop from Egypt on the Internet you're now gonna have to weed through a lot of sites about a UK buzzband? Not useful, as Mark Zuckerberg would say.

So, this one is for you, fans of Purple Magazine, the NME and topless daughters of cock rock stars:


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