Memory Tapes Free Downloads and Remix Mixmash [+MP3]

Memory Tapes Free Downloads and Remix Mixmash [+MP3]

Tonight, the impossibly-named Dayve Hawk brings his Memory Tapes project to Spaceland to open a coffer of hazy, New Order-ish dance jams right in your face region. Back home in New Jersey (not the shore), Hawk doesn't seem to be a DJ who encourages "getting the party started," or "putting your hands in the air/ wave them like you just don't care." Hawk is just a dad, who crafted the driving rhythms of his debut, Seek Magic, in the rural New Jersey cocoon he calls home. Before he joined up with Philly post-rockers, Hail Social, crippling social anxiety disorder once put him on lock-down in his own living room. Yet, Memory Tapes opens the door to Hawk's private world and we peek in on the introspective spaces and lighthearted escapes hidden into each track. In this self-imposed house arrest, Hawk channels his obsessiveness to crank out remixes, which he releases at his blog Weird Tapes. We'd like you to hear a few, so after the jump, we've put together some free downloads and vids of our favorite Memory Tapes Remixes.


Official Track from Seek Magic

Bicycle - Memory Tapes [mp3]

The Silent League - Yours Truly, 2095, Memory Tapes Version [mp3]

1901 - Phoenix (Memory Tapes Mix) - [mp3]

Excuse Me - Gucci Mane (Memory Tapes Remix) [mp3]

Memory Tapes remix of L.A.'s own, Fool's Gold

Glowsticks, Glowsticks!

Punch the air to this one.

Guuuuuci Maaaaane


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